Wedding Pictures

Ethan and I were married on June 25th, 2005 at Carleton College.
Here are some pictures from the wonderful event.

Bride and groom.

Ethan and I with our families, minus my brother. (my family is on the left)

Me, Ethan, my Mom, Dad and sister Taylor

Me, Ethan, Ethan's mother, father and brother Aaron.

The extended Campion family (Me, Ethan, Taylor, Peter, Mom, Dad, Gabin, Marty, Dan, Ashley, Connie,
Nick, Jay, Polly, Ed, Margie, Kathleen, Kieren, Allison, Mary)

The extended Doebley family (Me, Ethan, Taylor,
Peter, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Avi, Mommom, Poppop,
Carl, Sari, Terry, David, Gene, Terry)

The extended Sommer-Feigen family. (names will be listed once I confirm with Ethan)

Bride and groom with the grandparents!

The Carleton crew: Me, Ethan, Emily, Yi, Josh,
Shana, Sharon, Andy, Natalie, Amy, Lauren, Kelly,
Matt, Dave, Mike, Mari, Derek, Denis, Ashley, Eric

The Carleton people being silly.

Ethan and I

Apparently something was funny.

Cutting the cake!

Ethan and I with Ethan's brother Aaron

The loving couple!

Our first dance as a married couple.

Aren't we pretty?

The homemade Chuppah we got married under.

The dinning room, Severence Great Hall, Carleton College.